About Joãozero .
Joãozero .joãozero is a registered brand of Portuguese João Carlos Fernandes that develops projects in the areas of photography and visual communication.
Although he does photographic works of the most different types, it is in fine art photography that he finds his niche of choice. Very particular visions with special moments, without neglecting the frames and the compositions, all through a wide-angle lens, in reflections, in low and high angles, of the places and their constructions, of the people compared to the places and their constructions.
Project in constant development - The Human Being seeks and constructs objects of megalomaniacal sizes and proportions. Preferably, in their day-to-day life, they live surrounded by them. These objects and constructions when compared to it still decrease it more. They make of him, reinforcing, the tiny being that is. It is this relationship of greatness, reinforced by the craze of greatness that this project explores. Through the photographic planes chopped and contracted through the reflections in automobiles, which alone increase the reality described above, he always shoots with wide-angle objectives, enlarging the difference between the Human Being, who tries to isolate and capture at "special" moments and what surrounds him. With this set of "objects", techniques and technology, it is in the big cities that it explores the project, applying the concept in a mixture of travel photography, documentary photography and street photography resulting in fine art photography.



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